You may have a fire bomb sitting in your home right now!

Your family may already be at risk. Please watch this short video and learn to protect your home from fires.

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… a 9 volt battery started a fire in my home and nearly cost me my life.   


So why is a company that makes character training videos for kids sending out videos about fire safety? That answer starts on April 21st, 2011. That’s the day a 9 volt battery started a fire in my home and nearly cost me my life.

You see, I made several mistakes in that fire.  I made the decision to save my pets and by doing so, I stayed in the house too long.  And that was just one of my mistakes.  I realized, I need to share what I learned while escaping from a burning house.  This is a message that all of our families need to hear.  Some of my top tips are:


  • Get out and stay out – this is your number one goal in a fire!
  • Every second matters.  Don’t waste time gathering belongings – they aren’t worth your life.
  • Make sure every exit is clear.
  • Know two ways out of every room.
  • Fire extinguishers are tools for escape only.  If a fire is larger than a small trash can, a fire extinguisher won’t put it out.


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Since I have been sharing my story, so many people have told me, they were making the same mistakes I was.  Please make sure you watch this video so you know what to do.

“I had a large dry cell battery sitting in my kitchen drawer, inches from a pair of scissors.  I’m so lucky we didn’t have a fire!”

Batteries that started our fire

Batteries that started our fire.

These photos show the actual batteries that started our fire.  The batteries were not taped.
“I had an entire bag full of batteries sitting in my garage.  I’m taping them and disposing of them today!”

Please, invest this time in your own safety.  Watch these videos and make sure you are taking steps to protect your home and your loved ones from fire.

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